Work in progress: Moon Trevally, soon cast in bronze

Pascal Masi, animal sculptor.

This site is about Pascal Masi animal sculptures of Europe, Africa, sea ice, marine animals, and feline sculptures. Bronze, resin or plaster. Pascal Masi recreates the animal world for 25 years. You will find on this site all past works, present works and even works in development.

A few words about me

The aesthetics of animals remind us that even though nature remains fragile, it can be extraordinarily beautiful. As a tribute to this beauty, my work begins with a thorough research into the anatomy of each subject to understand its structure and substance. But it invariably ends with an exploration of the lines and volumes that give the animal's body its individual grace. So my work strives to capture the outlines of beauty.

Essentially self taught in sculpting, I have been working on 3-D artwork since 1991. Earlier work was mostly limited to direct cutting in limestone or marble. I moved on to Bronze about 10 years later in the early 2000s.

More recently I have been working with a variety of materials: polymer resin for the outdoor (see Rock my Baby) and in 2010 with soldered iron and aluminium mostly for large size creations for the outdoor too.

On demand, I have been working on commission for private and public collections. More details available on request.

Museum Collection : Francois Pompon Museum

François Pompon Museum (Burgundy) :
Francois Pompon is considered in this country as the 'father' of modern animal sculpture. Born in the Burgundy town of Saulieu, near Dijon, a lovely museum is now dedicated to the man who humbly but undoubtedly changed the way man has represented the world of animals. The bronze sculpture « Danse avec les ours » (see picture below) I created in 2004 has joined of the permanent collection of the Museum in 2008 and has since been registered on the National Collection Registry of the Museums of France

Danse avec les ours - Bronze - L : 50cm

Museum of Contemporary Art in Puteaux (near Paris)

In 2010, the Museum of Contemporary Art acquired P'tit Rock, a bronze sculpture with a dark blue patina.


May 2010 : Sculpture Award 2010 of the French House of Representatives

Gold Medal of the City of Nancy in 2003

Gold and Silver Medals of the City of Vittel in 2002 and 2003

Bronze Medal from the Société des Artistes Français - Paris en 2003 - arguably the oldest art show in the world since it was founded in 1663!

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